2011-11-01 Julien ValroffAutocommit of file /home/julien/.dotfiles/vim/.vim...
2011-11-01 Julien ValroffAutocommit of file /home/julien/.dotfiles/vim/.vim...
2011-10-17 Julien ValroffChange default GUI font
2011-08-17 Julien ValroffLoad pathogen as a file, not as a symlink so that it...
2011-08-17 Julien ValroffUpdate pathogen
2011-08-13 Julien ValroffDefine default spell options
2011-08-04 Julien ValroffMakes the unnamed yank register global
2011-07-17 Julien ValroffSetup pathogen and activate vimtodo plugin
2011-07-12 Julien ValroffReworked mail options
2011-07-12 Julien ValroffAdd function to update Bind zone SOA automatically
2011-07-10 Julien ValroffUse number and spell also for mail
2011-06-26 Julien ValroffSet nojoinspaces to prevent double spaces after dots...
2011-05-30 Julien ValroffRe-add toggle-background keybinding
2011-05-29 Julien ValroffConsider modelines
2011-05-26 Julien ValroffRemap paste mode to F7
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffSet default GUI window size and position
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffUse grey background instead of blue
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffUse solarized color scheme
2011-04-17 Julien ValroffIgnore netrwhist file
2011-04-13 Julien ValroffInitial commit