Remove liferea entries
[dotfiles/openbox.git] /
2011-06-21 Julien ValroffRemove liferea entries
2011-06-04 Julien Valroff* start offlineimap with the session
2011-06-03 Julien ValroffReorder how applications start
2011-06-03 Julien ValroffBack to xscreensaver
2011-06-02 Julien ValroffStop using devilspie and benefit from OB features
2011-06-02 Julien ValroffUse volumeicon and devilspie
2011-05-30 Julien ValroffDrop gnome-settings-daemon and xdg-autostart, add fake...
2011-05-28 Julien ValroffFix typo
2011-05-26 Julien ValroffCall xdg-autostart
2011-05-24 Julien ValroffAllows use og ssh-agent through gnome-keyring
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffCall xrdb on start
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffInitial commit