2014-03-08 Julien ValroffBump standard version to 3.9.5 master debian/0.4.10-1
2014-03-08 Julien ValroffNew upstream release
2014-03-08 Julien ValroffMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.10'
2014-03-08 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.10 upstream upstream/0.4.10
2013-10-23 Julien ValroffBump standard version to 3.9.4 (no changes needed) debian/0.4.7-1
2013-10-23 Julien ValroffNew upstream release
2013-10-23 Julien ValroffMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.7'
2013-10-23 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.7 upstream/0.4.7
2013-02-15 Julien ValroffTarget unstable debian/0.4.6-1
2013-02-15 Julien ValroffUpdated changelog
2013-02-15 Julien ValroffMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.6'
2013-02-15 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.6 upstream/0.4.6
2012-11-25 Julien ValroffAdd dependency on exiv2 (thanks to Damon Lynch for... debian/0.4.5-3
2012-11-23 Julien ValroffDepends on python-dbus (Closes: #693753) debian/0.4.5-2
2012-06-26 Julien ValroffTarget unstable debian/0.4.5-1
2012-06-26 Julien ValroffNew upstream release
2012-06-26 Julien ValroffMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.5'
2012-06-26 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.5 upstream/0.4.5
2012-06-15 Julien ValroffBump standard version to 3.9.3 (no changes needed) debian/0.4.4-1
2012-06-15 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog
2012-06-15 Julien ValroffMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.4'
2012-06-15 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.4 upstream/0.4.4
2012-02-28 Julien ValroffUpdate DEP-5 URI to the final location
2012-01-08 Julien ValroffNew upstream release debian/0.4.3-1
2012-01-08 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.4.3'
2012-01-08 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.3 upstream/0.4.3
2011-10-02 Julien ValroffBump changelog debian/0.4.2-1
2011-10-02 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.4.2'
2011-10-02 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.2 upstream/0.4.2
2011-09-18 Julien ValroffUpdate DEP-5 uri
2011-09-11 Julien ValroffFix X-Python-Version field to state python 2.6 and... debian/0.4.1-2
2011-09-11 Julien ValroffActually pass version to pod2man
2011-08-25 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.1+bzr402
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffPoint to GPL-2 license text in debian/copyright debian/0.4.1-1
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffFix duplicate entries in dependencies
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffBump changelog for new release
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.4.1'
2011-05-23 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.1 upstream/0.4.1
2011-04-29 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog debian/0.4.0-1
2011-04-29 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.4.0'
2011-04-29 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.0 upstream/0.4.0
2011-04-29 Julien ValroffMerge branch 'experimental'
2011-04-24 Julien ValroffUpdate VCS fields
2011-04-23 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog debian/0.4.0_rc1-1
2011-04-23 Julien ValroffMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2011-04-23 Julien ValroffMerge branch 'upstream' into experimental
2011-04-23 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.0~rc1 upstream/0.4.0_rc1
2011-04-20 Julien ValroffAdd menu file
2011-04-19 Julien ValroffSimplify rules
2011-04-19 Julien ValroffSimplify rules
2011-04-16 Julien ValroffBump changelog debian/0.4.0_beta1-1
2011-04-16 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.4.0_beta1' into experimental
2011-04-16 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.0~beta1 upstream/0.4.0_beta1
2011-04-09 Julien ValroffNew policy 3.9.2
2011-04-09 Julien ValroffNew policy 3.9.2
2011-04-08 Julien ValroffBump changelog debian/0.3.6-1
2011-04-08 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.3.6'
2011-04-08 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.3.6 upstream/0.3.6
2011-04-08 Julien ValroffBump changelog debian/0.4.0_alpha4-1
2011-04-08 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.4.0_alpha4' into experimental
2011-04-08 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.0~alpha4 upstream/0.4.0_alpha4
2011-03-25 Julien ValroffUpdate dependencies for the new release debian/0.4.0_alpha1-1
2011-03-25 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.4.0_alpha1' into experimental
2011-03-25 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.4.0~alpha1 upstream/0.4.0_alpha1
2011-03-25 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog debian/0.3.5-1
2011-03-25 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.3.5'
2011-03-25 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.3.5 upstream/0.3.5
2011-03-25 Julien ValroffFix Recommends field
2011-03-20 Julien ValroffDocument new set up path in the changelog debian/0.3.4-3
2011-03-20 Julien ValroffBuild depend on python >= 2.6.6-3 as using dh_python2
2011-03-20 Julien ValroffNeeds python 2.5 or 2.6 as per rapid/INSTALL
2011-03-20 Julien ValroffFix previous commit
2011-03-20 Julien ValroffSwitch to dh_python2
2011-03-19 Julien ValroffUpload to unstable debian/0.3.4-2
2011-02-28 Julien ValroffUpdate DEP5 format version
2011-02-13 Julien ValroffBump debhelper compat to 8
2011-01-23 Julien ValroffFix copyright
2011-01-08 Julien ValroffFix copyright
2011-01-08 Julien ValroffUpdate copyright information
2011-01-02 Julien Valroff Update changelog debian/0.3.4-1
2011-01-02 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.3.4'
2011-01-02 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.3.4 upstream/0.3.4
2010-11-22 Julien ValroffAdd X-Python-Version: field
2010-11-22 Julien ValroffAdd XB-Python-Version to control file
2010-11-18 Julien ValroffReplace my email address in patches
2010-11-18 Julien ValroffIgnore quilt dir
2010-11-10 Julien ValroffRemove DMUA field, now useless
2010-11-08 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog wrt watch file fixed debian/0.3.3-2
2010-11-08 Julien ValroffUpdate my email address
2010-10-31 Julien ValroffPass abort-on-uptream-changes option to dpkg-source
2010-10-26 Julien ValroffRemove build directory to allow the package to be built... debian/0.3.3-1
2010-10-25 Julien ValroffRecommend python-hachoir-metadata
2010-10-25 Julien ValroffBump changelog
2010-10-25 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.3.3'
2010-10-25 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.3.3 upstream/0.3.3
2010-10-22 Julien ValroffPass --unapply-patches to dpkg-src
2010-10-10 Julien ValroffConvert copyright to DEP5 format
2010-10-04 Julien ValroffClean changelog in view of the future upload - target... debian/0.3.2-1
2010-09-17 Julien ValroffBumped changelog
2010-09-17 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.3.2'