2012-02-28 Julien ValroffBump changelog timestamp master
2012-02-28 Julien ValroffRun cme fix dkpg-copyright
2012-02-11 Julien ValroffUse final DEP-5 uri
2011-09-18 Julien ValroffUpdate DEP-5 uri
2011-05-20 Julien ValroffPoint to GFDL-1.1 license text in debian/copyright
2011-05-20 Julien ValroffAdd patch to use default CFLAGS and avoid -Werror
2011-05-03 Julien ValroffAdd my email address debian/0.3.10-7
2011-05-03 Julien ValroffRename lintian override file so that it is correctly...
2011-05-03 Julien ValroffFix compiler warnings for 'unused-but-set-variable...
2011-05-03 Julien ValroffAdd lintian override for false positive spelling error
2011-04-24 Julien ValroffUpdate VCS fields
2011-04-09 Julien ValroffNew policy 3.9.2
2011-03-06 Julien ValroffMinor change to rules debian/0.3.10-6
2011-03-06 Julien ValroffUpdate copyright
2011-03-05 Julien ValroffFix typo
2011-02-28 Julien ValroffUpdate DEP5 format version
2011-02-12 Julien ValroffBump debhelper compat to 8
2011-01-08 Julien ValroffFix copyright
2010-11-24 Julien ValroffDepends on default-mta rather than on exim4
2010-11-19 Julien ValroffAdd --destdir to dh_auto_install
2010-11-19 Julien ValroffSwitch to dh
2010-11-18 Julien ValroffReplace my email address in patches
2010-11-18 Julien ValroffIgnore quilt dir
2010-11-10 Julien ValroffRemove DMUA field, now useless
2010-11-08 Julien ValroffUpdate my email address
2010-11-08 Julien ValroffNew maintainer address
2010-11-05 Julien ValroffAdd patch to fix FTBS with -Wall turned on debian/0.3.10-5
2010-10-31 Julien ValroffPass abort-on-uptream-changes option to dpkg-source
2010-10-22 Julien ValroffPass --unapply-patches to dpkg-src
2010-07-26 Julien ValroffNew policy
2010-02-09 Julien ValroffAdd -oi flag to both Postfix howto and example script...
2010-01-30 Julien ValroffBump Debian policy version to 3.8.4
2010-01-01 Julien ValroffUpdated copyright for the New Year
2010-01-01 Julien ValroffAdded misc:Depends to control file debian/0.3.10-3
2010-01-01 Julien ValroffRenamed .doc-base file
2010-01-01 Julien ValroffAdded misc:Depends to control file
2009-11-24 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.3.10'
2009-11-24 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.3.10 upstream upstream/0.3.10
2009-11-24 Julien ValroffInitial upstream branch.
2009-11-22 Julien ValroffSwitched to GIT
2009-11-22 Julien ValroffConverted to 3.0 (quilt)
2009-08-19 Julien ValroffAdded README.source
2009-08-16 Julien ValroffStandards 3.8.3
2009-03-15 Julien ValroffCall dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k debian/0.3.10-2
2009-03-15 Julien ValroffBumped debhelper compat to 7
2009-03-15 Julien ValroffMinor cleanups in rules file
2009-03-15 Julien ValroffBumped to new standards version 3.8.1 (no changes needed)
2008-12-08 Julien ValroffAdded patch description debian/0.3.10-1 debian/0.3.9-1
2008-12-08 Julien ValroffUpdated timestamp
2008-11-22 Julien ValroffPatch to avoid compile errors
2008-11-22 Julien Valroffnew release
2008-10-30 Julien ValroffTarget experimental
2008-10-30 Julien Valroffadded XS-DM-Upload-Allowed field
2008-10-30 Julien ValroffNew release
2008-06-16 Julien ValroffSwitched copyright information to machine interpretable...
2007-12-30 Julien ValroffAdded description do patch
2007-12-30 Julien ValroffBumped to new standards version
2007-11-29 Julien ValroffAdded missing fields
2007-08-07 Julien ValroffNew patch to fix #436433 debian/0.3.8-2
2007-07-13 Julien ValroffFixed clean target
2007-07-13 Julien ValroffFixed clean target to avoid ignoring all errors when...
2007-07-13 Julien ValroffNew release
2007-05-05 Julien ValroffAdded watch file
2006-08-17 Julien ValroffFixed dependency on libc6 debian/0.3.7-2
2006-08-11 Julien ValroffRemoved debian/watch
2006-05-02 Julien Valroff3.7.0 and not 3.6.7 :-)
2006-05-02 Julien ValroffDebian Policy 3.7
2006-04-15 Julien ValroffFixed typo in long descirption
2006-04-01 Julien ValroffNew upstream debian/0.3.7-1
2006-04-01 Julien ValroffDefinitively removed reportbug hook
2006-03-25 Julien ValroffFixed version
2006-03-25 Julien ValroffNew -dev release
2005-12-30 Julien ValroffFinal changelog for -11 debian/0.3.6-11
2005-12-30 Julien ValroffChanged version in man page
2005-12-30 Julien ValroffLicence should be in debian/copyright (Policy Manual...
2005-12-30 Julien ValroffChanges following to Christoph Haas' comments
2005-12-29 Julien ValroffFixing doc-base entries debian/0.3.6-10
2005-12-29 Julien ValroffPurging doc-base items
2005-12-29 Julien ValroffRemoving doc-base items, will come back on it later
2005-12-29 Julien ValroffTying to fix Linda warning about doc-base
2005-12-04 Julien ValroffAdded hook for reportbug debian/0.3.6-9
2005-10-13 Julien ValroffLoad altermime-0.3.6 into trunk. debian/0.3.6-8
2005-10-13 Julien Valroff[svn-inject] Forking altermime source to Trunk
2005-10-13 Julien Valroff[svn-inject] Installing original source of altermime