Merge commit 'upstream/0.2.9'
[debian/pino.git] / debian /
2010-05-15 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.2.9'
2010-05-13 Julien ValroffAdd DM-Upload-Allowed field
2010-05-13 Julien ValroffRemoves previous changelog entries
2010-05-13 Julien ValroffState that the bug has been forwarded upstream
2010-05-13 Julien ValroffAdd Cristian Greco as uploader
2010-05-13 Julien ValroffUpdate git repository location
2010-05-07 Julien ValroffAdd description to patch debian/0.2.8-1
2010-05-07 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog
2010-05-07 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.2.8'
2010-05-01 Julien ValroffAdd patch to fix tiny spelling error debian/0.2.7-1
2010-05-01 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog
2010-05-01 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.2.7'
2010-04-17 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog for new release debian/0.2.6-1
2010-04-17 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.2.6'
2010-04-04 Julien ValroffThis time should be ok debian/0.2.5-1
2010-04-04 Julien ValroffFix typo and actually remove indicator-applet related...
2010-04-04 Julien ValroffDo not ship indicator-applet files, it is not used...
2010-04-04 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog for new release
2010-04-04 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.2.5'
2010-03-30 Julien ValroffAdd libgtkspell-dev as build-dep debian/0.2.4-1
2010-03-30 Julien ValroffUpdate changelog for new release
2010-03-30 Julien ValroffMerge commit 'upstream/0.2.4'
2010-03-09 Julien ValroffClean rules file
2010-03-09 Julien ValroffRe-add missed conflicts from upstream merge debian/0.2.1-1
2010-03-09 Julien ValroffFix licence information
2010-03-09 Julien ValroffMerge branch 'upstream' for new release 2.1
2010-03-09 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.2.1 upstream/0.2.1
2010-03-06 Julien ValroffImported Debian patch 0.2.0-1 debian/0.2.0-1
2010-03-06 Julien ValroffImported Upstream version 0.2.0 upstream/0.2.0